In-Hospital Diagnostics

Shenandoah South Veterinary Hospital takes pride in the wide variety of diagnostics that are provided for your pet in our hospital. Heartworm and feline leukemia/immunodeficiency viral tests, fecal exams, pancreatitis screening, stool occult blood, and parvo viral tests are performed during your appointment. State of the art blood and urine analyzers and our trained technical staff can perform chemistries, electrolytes, CBC, and urinalysis within one hour. For viral identification such as feline respiratory disease, toxicology, blood titers for fungal or intracellular blood parasites IDEXX nationwide commercial lab is state of the art. Consultation with board certified medicine or parasite specialists is also available. Getting the diagnosis with accurate, efficient, and speed gets the staff to the treatment plan rapidly. Medical treatment plans include IV therapy, wound management, nutritional support, pain relief, and intensive care.